sexta-feira, novembro 18, 2011

Things on my mind

Dear Little Blog

There’re several things I need to do on this weekend, so I took the time to write it all down in case I forget. I don’t know why I’m doing this, let’s call it a big urge to impose me to myself (Wow, that kinda sounded poetic, and why the hell all of a sudden I’m talking on a foreigner language?).

-Get up early, and take a leak to a little tube (Mental Note: try not to paint the walls in the process. Tip: With steady hands, close one eye and aim for the centre of the tube with a morning grim on your lips)

- Don’t forget to NOT eat breakfast. I must endure the lack of caffeine in the morning. Try to think of …ahhh I’ll think of something!

- Get out, go to the Clinic for blood samples (Mental Note: Try not to pass out due to lack of food or the sigh of blood).

-Drive to the next bakery to get a good meal, try to open the window, put the music loud and constantly slap yourself on the face.

- Once there eat and dwell on the thoughts if the analysis results…too much sugar, too much fat, too much of too much, and philosophical questions like; Am I getting old?; did I flush the toilet?; or why am I think what am thinking now???

-Next on the list I’m, I’m gonna a …I…I…damn I forgot…

2 comentários:

Kyla disse...

Isso parece a descrição da manhã de um, mas, escrito em inglês, tudo parece mais pomposo!
Bjs :)

Lewis disse...

Este blog, é um espaço multi-cultural. Qualquer dia farei um post numa outra língua. Qui ça em espanhol, alemão ou a até mesmo em Japonês...olha ou em Coreano (tenho é que pedir depois ao meu patrão para traduzir)